Gaena Environment has managed projects in heritage areas, areas of natural interest, historic gardens and botanical gardens

We specialize in:



- Environment


- Water cycle and irrigation


- Agriculture and forestry


- Territorial planning


- Health and Safety Coordination


Certified by ISO 9001 ISO 14001:


Home Services


  • Valuation of ecosistem services

  • Environmental Sustainability Assessments

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

    • Plans, policies and programs
    • Infrastructures, irrigation, industries, etc
    • Environmental Impact Assessments and Integration Landscape
    • Corrective Actions Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments

  • Management and waste treatment Projects

  • Contaminated soils restoration projects (landfills, mining activities, etc)

  • Design of acoustic shieldings

  • Erosion control and slope stabilization

  • Environmental assistance in infrastructure and and building construction

  • Landscape Impact Assessment in infrastructure intervention

Water cycle and Irrigation

  • Hydrologic and Environmental Basins Masterplans

  • Irrigation and Drainage Master Plans

  • Computerized irrigation census

  • Environmental restoration of rivers, lakes, coasts and shorelines

  • Water quality monitoring and control

  • Hydraulic works and water management engineering

  • Wetlands design and construction

  • Management of rivers

  • Flood studies

Forest and Agriculture

  • Land consolidation

  • Soil maps

  • Management Plans for Natural Areas

  • Forest Management Plans

  • Rural optimization Projects: irrigation, crops, etc

  • Rural Paths Recovery Projects

  • Design of forest tracks and roads

Land Planning

  • Urban

    • Urban Planning
    • Urban Landscaping
    • Environmental Consultancy Services for City Councils
  • Forest and Rural

    • Management Plans for Natural Areas
    • Forest Management Plans

Health and Safety Control